Hello! My name is Anna Ryzhova,

I'm an artist and illustrator currently based in Moscow, Russia.

My education:

  • My professional education started with my first art school at 6 y.o., continuing with Moscow Academic Art Lyceum & Moscow State Academic Art Institute n.a. Surikov (check this massive diploma I graduated with). I learned all the traditional basics and techiques there.
  • I also studied in Universität der Künste (UDK) in Berlin and British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD) in Moscow. These experiences helped me on my path towards contemporary illustration and fresh approaches.


My themes and style:

  • At the moment I'm interested in working with children book projects and editorial illustration. If I can help you with some of that, do let me know!
  • My goal for the illustrations is to make them as lively as the sketches I do on a spot.
  • Depending on a subject, my works can be light and fun or dark and anxious.
  • In my digital art I strive to keep the spirit of analogue materials. I'm especially inspired by lithography and linocut that I studied back in old uni.

What instruments I use:

  • I like analogue drawing as well as digital and sometimes combine them.
  • For work projects I tend to use Ipad Pro.
  • For some children book projects and sketching I use traditional materials: pastels, gouache paints and watercolour pencils.
  • I like to experiment and created works in a number of techiques, among which are I acrylics, oil, clay and embroidery.

 A few more things to get to know me:

  • I am left-handed
  • My fav things in the world are dogs and horses. If you have a project involving those, count me in!
  • I've been teaching art to kids and sketching to teens & adults for years. That helped me to rethink my own knowledge and structure all the information in order to share it with the others.