Selection of  Works

Kirpi: a story of how I found my friend Short Comic (2023)

SEA on the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine (2023)

The Story of a Better Tomorrow selected as a cover for Cheltenham Illustration Awards annual'21 (organised by Pittville Press & University of Glocestereshire, the UK (2022)

Dove of Peace  for "Demokrat" magazine cover (2022)

LOVE STORY  Wedding Film Covers (2020-2022)

SQUAT  illustration series (2020)


Based on live sketches capturing daily life of squatters in Berlin and Hamburg.

Flea Market illustration series (2020)


Based on live skethes of flea markets in Tbilisi, London & Saint Petersbourg. 

Senru illustration series for a competition run by British High School of Art & Design in Moscow (2018)


The task was to create visual analogues of haiku. 

I became the winner, recieving a grant to study at Viktor Melamed's evening illustration course that I succesfully graduated from in summer 2020.

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