Nice to meet you! My name is Anna Ryzhova, I'm an artist and illustrator.

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Dog People

In this long-term personal project I study the endless variety of different shapes and sizes of dogs and their owners.

Flea Market

Though created digitally, these series keep the warmth of traditional lithography technique.

Sunday Father

On how part-time parenting may affect children.


These illustrations are based on live sketches capturing daily life of squatters in Berlin and Hamburg.

Coins & Cards

Some of the illustrations studying meanings and connections in daily scenes.

FIFA World Cup Moscow

Russian Rhymes

Cards with colourful illustrations and cheerful rhymes to help memorise Russian words through English verse.

These cards are perfect for families with bilingual kids, for school classes, or for anyone beginning to learn Russian language. Unique characters make it easier to memorise the target words by adding fun to the process.


I planned these cards as series of collectable mix & match sets, starting with themes "Food" and "Body parts".

For the illustrations I picked mixed technique: colour pencils, gouache paint and elements of collage. 


This is my personal project of a rhymed story for young children about how different cats can be.

Originally written in Russian, but I also translated it into English.

The linear spreads come after the last verse and are planned for colouring in.


If you are interested in bringing this project to life, please do let me know and I will tell you all the details.

Girl and her rabbit Character Design

A story about a girl and her rabbit that likes to play hide-and-seek.


North Yorkshire Sketches

Great Yorkshire Show Sketches